Tenant Improvements

Tenant Services

Property Management must be notified 24 hours in advance of all vendors working in the building who will require access to building electrical or communication rooms. Access will not be provided for vendors without prior scheduling. If a vendor requires access to a Tenant space, all work must be scheduled outside of Tenant operating hours.

Proposed plans for alterations affecting any physical portion of a Tenant suite require prior written consent from Property Management. This includes all installations affecting floors, walls, woodwork, windows, ceilings, data and electrical. Requests to make alterations should be sent in writing to Property Management by your Tenant representative. Alterations must be performed by Wright Runstad & Company staff or an approved contractor. Property Management can provide a list of approved contractors for the building.

All contractors and technicians rendering installation or service work of any kind must check in and out with the Property Management office any time they are performing work in the building. Installation of communications equipment, computer or alarm systems must also be coordinated with the Property Management office. All contractors and technicians will be informed of the building policies and standards for performing work inĀ 2601elliottĀ and provided necessary access to service areas, telephone closets, etc.

If a Tenant requires a burglar alarm, or telegraphic, telephonic, or similar services installed, Property Management must be notified prior to installation, so correct procedures and instructions are followed.

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